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Our Programs and Services from monitoring the complications of diabetes, to sharing home safety tips, and helping families cope with a terminal illness, Beacon Home Health Agency, LLC has an interdisciplinary team of professionals who bring compassion and clinically excellent care into the home. Working in collaboration with your primary care physician, we will develop and provide you with a comprehensive plan of care developed specifically to fit your needs.


Common Services Provided 


  • Skilled Nursing Assistance

  • Personal Care Services

  • Relief for Family Caring for Loved Ones

  • In-Home Care


The following situations indicate a need for home health care:


  • Patient’s hospitalization/rehab requires post-discharge assessment and teaching

  • Patient has new diagnosis or a preexisting condition that becomes worse and requires new care plan and/or medication

  • Patient is at risk of falling or has fallen

  • Patient has difficulty safely performing activities of daily living

  • Patient is homebound and can benefit from community resources

  • Patient needs wound or ostomy care or other skilled nursing services

  • Patient has a new permanent caregiver who needs to be trained on managing their care

  • Patient is not compliant with medication or treatment regimen

  • Patient has difficulty understanding discharge information

  • Patient is at risk for not following up on discharge orders

  • Patient is on medication that requires regular blood draws and lab evaluations


With the most up-to-date care practices, our clinical staff is your partner in recovery and health care management. Home Health Care services will be arranged if your doctor decides that at least one of your medical conditions needs to be monitored.


Home Health Care Services include:


  • Home Health Aide Services

  • Occupational Therapy

  • Skilled Nursing

  • Speech and Language Therapy

  • Disease Management and Education

  • Medical Social Worker

  • Speech Therapy

  • Physical Therapy

  • Fall Prevention Services

  • Cardiac and Respiratory Care






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